1. Choose your Model

2. Configure Your Options & Features

When your ready to begin choosing the features and option for your new Saleen vehicle, our Specialists are here to help. Saleen offers some of the most advanced technologies in the industry, and we will work with you to be sure your new Saleen is designed, built and delivered to your exacting specification.

3. Submit Your Order

You've worked out all the details and determined the model, features and options for your new Saleen vehicle. Once you submit your order we will begin the process of sourcing and manufacturing the components and materials to your exacting specifications, including the base chassis. Along with your order form, we also require a 10% deposit.

4. Assignment of Your Saleen VIN

Within 14 days following your order submission you will be assigned a Saleen Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This will indicate that we have secured your base chassis for your new Saleen vehicle and production has been scheduled to begin at our factory.


At this time we will require a bit more information from you to begin registration of your new Saleen vehicle on your behalf. This is an extra step we take to ensure your Saleen vehicle is registered with your local DMV prior to final delivery, and is part of the service we provide for every new Saleen vehicle produced.


Along with the registration information, our Accounting department will contact you to update and ensure your billing and payment details are on pace with the production of your new Saleen vehicle.

5. Production

As a Manufacturer, Saleen applies current manufacturing and production standards to every Saleen vehicle we produce. Everything, including the base chassis, is a calculated component of your new Saleen vehicle. Although each vehicle starts with an order, the production process is where it all comes together. Typically, your vehicle will be completed with production within 4 weeks following VIN assignment and scheduling.

6. Delivery

As your Saleen vehicle concludes the production process we will contact you regarding delivery. Depending on your preferences and availability we offer delivery to conclude at a location of your choosing whether it be your home, or nearest Saleen dealership. Additionally, you have the opportunity to select factory pickup at the Saleen Headquarters in Southern California. Here you will be able to meet the team, tour the facility and work with your Saleen Specialist to answer any questions about your new Saleen.


As a new Saleen owner, our relationship does not end with delivery. Saleen owners have a product and brand loyalty that continues to thrive through shows and events throughout the country. You are now part of the Saleen heritage, a heritage that dates back over 30 years of automotive passion, innovation and enthusiasm for the products and lifestyle. Welcome to the club.


We're here to help. Whether you are ready to order or just have a few questions about our vehicles, parts, accessories or events feel free to contact us anytime.

Saleen currently offers a range of high-performance vehicles: The Saleen 302 & 351 Mustang, Saleen 570 Challenger, and Saleen 620 Camaro. Everything at Saleen is literally built from the ground-up, by skillful hands.  The Saleen staff consists of a wide range of designers, R & D engineers and production team members that work together pushing the envelope of development, manufacturing, and certification of high-performance specialty vehicles.